The Discount is Sometimes Ignored 

One of our client’s, Roma’s Pizza, told us they have had a very welcomed unexpected consequence in using our Broadcast Text Messaging.  While they offer a VIP Special by text every week, a lot of the orders are for full price meals not the discounted one.  In essence the arrival of the text got them thinking and they decided to eat there but get exactly what they wanted.  So for those concerned about discounting remember it is not the full discount because many will buy at full price form you. 

Link It Up For Maximum Results 

Susan Casias is a partner in a residential real estate wholesaling business in Houston.  They acquire properties in foreclosure in a number of different ways.  Then they market and sell those to flippers who are great at fixing them up for maximum value but don’t have the knowledge or wherewithal to navigate the banks and courts.  Whenever she has a few new properties in inventory, we send a message to all the flippers they know with a link to their website featuring new listings.  Everyone feels more informed and sales are quicker. 

It Took Only an Hour! 

Glen Miller, owner of HH Whitney House Bed & Breakfast in New Orleans, had this to say just one hour after our first crafted message was sent to his past guests.   


Fellow Bed & Breakfast owners need this kind of ROI and results.  The special thing is that the guests loved be invited back for a special event.  Keep in mind, no discount! – Jennifer H.