Naturally, most times you will want to make some type of special offer. This should be something that you are not offering anywhere else.  It makes them feel special, like a real VIP! 

We know the messages are being read, so the offer itself is what is accepted or not. 

Here is an interesting fact:

Millennials, those ages 26 to 41, will switch allegiance for monetary savings.  They want to be appreciated and invited back with a special offer.  They will come to you instead of the competition. 

You may be thinking, “I can’t discount everything.”   

The truth is that not everyone will take advantage of the special you offer.  They may want something else and will pay full price.  It is happening all the time.  So don’t be afraid to make a generous offer. 

From time to time you may text valuable information.  It could be: 

  • Announce a new product/service/menu. 
  • Introduce a new employee or employee of the month. 
  • Promote an upcoming special event. 
  • Announce available openings. 
  • Promote a blog post with a link. 
  • Promote a video with a link 
  • Announce a new procedure 
  • Etc.