Our pricing is set based on the number of unique numbers and the number of texts sent in a given month.

Pricing is as low as $95 per month for up to 1,000 records and 2,000 texts per month..

There is a $295 setup fee.  We use this to get all your data loaded up, opt-in offer created and programed, private individual business line for opt-in text, and to purchase professionally created print materials to collect numbers.

The major factor differentiating us from other text providers is that we handle all the details, they just sell texts.  From creating the needed print materials, to opt-ins, to responding to reply texts, to opt-outs, and even help you craft your most likely to succeed invitations and offers.  You just help track the results.  Let us handle all the details while you run your business.

One last thing, in the U.S, in order to send more than 500 broadcast texts, one must have a short code.  An individual code costs $500+ per month.  We have a specialized shared short code so this is immaterial for you as a client of Quick Results Marketing.  IMPORTANT, while the code is shared, your data is not!

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