Restaurant Marketing Program

Your customer comes in and dines, pays, and leaves.

When Do They Come Back?

We Have the Solution!


The problem is empty tables produce no revenue. Anything else can be overcome. But, not the absence of diners.

Most must confess, they don’t know when diners will come back.  Many times it hasn’t ever occurred to them as a problem.  It’s right under their noses.

To get new customers they use Groupon, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Email, SEO, and more.  But, these are proving to not work in getting customers to come back.

Statistically, 73% of first-time customers do not come back.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

We Have the Solution!  It’s not advertising, print couponing, web couponing, social media, or even e-mail.

We are reaching your current customers and getting them to take action, to come back every 2-4 weeks instead of every 2-4 months!.

Jim, the owner of Yolked, had always wondered, how to get his current customers to come back more often and regularly. He didn’t have any customer contact information.  Then, we shared our program.

Using our strategy and tactic, with the right messaging and invitation, he added over 300 customers in just 15 days with our exclusive restaurant marketing.

These folks are now excited to go to Yolked regularly…even as often as every 1-2 weeks.

Paul Nanner, a Round Table Pizza franchisee knew right off that he was not effectively communicating with his current customers.  And he knew that it’s easier and cheaper to get current customers to come back and spend more money.  BUT HOW? 

He chose to have us implement our strategy and one of the 3 tactics at one of his locations.  In just 3 weeks his sales nearly doubled. 

Needless to say he has put all of his locations into the program and continues to enjoy a fantastic ROI.

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